7 Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Best Shoes for Warehouse Work

If you’re a warehouse picker, chances are you’re on your feet a lot and that’s why you need the best shoes for warehouse work that relaxes your feet on the concrete floor.

You’re also always climbing to reach high shelves to get goods. Not to forget constant walking and standing on concrete floors. It’s a very tedious kind of job, and to stay on top of your game, you need the right shoes.

Shoes are important to you as a warehouse worker to prevent hazards at the workplace. You will also largely eliminate fatigue, foot pain, and injuries.

Certain shoes are more suited for your kind of job than others are. In this article, we have reviewed the seven best supportive shoes for you as a warehouse picker.

List of Best Shoes for Warehouse Work

Let’s get started and find all these 7 best shoes for warehouse workers. We review every single shoe in a detailed manner with their durability, pros, and cons.

1. EVER BOOTS Full Grain Leather Work Boots

Ever Boots"Tank" Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots...*
  • Ever Yours – Get ready to get stuff done your...
  • All-Day Comfort – Enjoy a perfect blend of...
  • Nubuck Uppers – Be supported, not restricted, by...
  • Solid Foundation – Stomp and tromp without...

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These shoes don’t just look right for warehouse workers, they’re perfect for them. Its fabric type is durable leather and its sole is runner material.

The manufacturer is so confident of the shoes’ integrity that they offer three months warranty on the products. They’re great for walking on concrete floors and the comfort cushion insole will keep your feet a befitting place to rest.

The insoles are also removable so that you can insert your orthotics if you want. Excellent lace management helps you to quickly put on these shoes when you’re on the clock.

Speedy hooks help make things even faster. Enjoy premium 2.0MM Nubuck leather which will keep you comfortable and productive all day.

The insulated mesh lining will also help your feet feel like they’ve found their home. Tough shoe construction techniques make these shoes highly dependable and useful for warehouse work.

Its anti-fatigue qualities are made more profound by its steel shank that supports the arch of the shoes. This steel shank helps to draw away pressure from your wet when you’re climbing ladders or stairs.

Enjoy excellent traction with the Tank tread pattern of the shoes’ soles. We believe you’ll be able to break into these shoes easily as there are soft Nubuck leathers that will help you get started.

The sleek design of the shoes makes them appropriate for not just the workplace but other venues you may want to wear them to.

  • The shoes are oil-resistant.
  • They come with anti-fatigue features.
  • They’re highly affordable shoes.
  • The look of the shoes may change when oil constantly comes on them.

Fit as Expected: 83%

Durability: The rubber soles improve the shoes’ durability.

2. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer Work Boot

Wolverine Men's W04821 Buccaneer Boot, Dark Brown, 10.5 M US*
  • Multishock shock absorbing compression pads molded...
  • Moisture managing mesh linings
  • Wolverine multishox contour welt construction
  • Removable full cushion footbed

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Next on our list is the Wolverine men’s work boot. These shoes, 100% leather, are highly suited for work in the warehouse.

Some of its features at a glance are that it’s waterproof, has a full cushioned footbed that is removable and it’s highly supportive. The flexibility is a good blend with its toughness. That is ensured by its Wolverine contour welt construction.

It comes with wave mesh moisture-wicking lining and is also resistant to oil, water, heat, and chemicals. Is it slip-resistant? Absolutely!

These are your dream shoes so get them right away and begin to enjoy maximum comfort at work. The thick footbed cushioning leaves no room for discomforts in your feet and all you’re left with is an ease and a spring to your steps.

  • The shoes provide ankle support.
  • They come with compression pads.
  • The footbed has extra cushioning.
  • The sizes may run big.

Fit as Expected: 84%

Durability: The shoes’ durability is not in question. The soles are 100% rubber.

3. Skechers Work Synergy Ekron

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What super list of warehouse shoes will not feature a Skechers or two? Skechers are versatile shoes with highly dependable qualities.

The fabric type of this particular one is 100% synthetic and trubuck leather. It takes in your entire feet and wraps it up perfectly. The memory foam feature helps keep you comfortable and refreshed at work.

The shoes are protective and they come with inbuilt alloy toe. They are slip-resistant.

With all these features, it’s only normal that the shoes also help protect you against environmental hazards at your warehouse workplace.

With these shoes, you’re protected from suffering pain in your knees, back, hips, or ankles. It’s not uncommon for warehouse workers to complain about these things because of the nature of their work.

Putting your money in the right shoes will help shield you from that. The footwear has nearly all the qualities you need in a warehouse Safety shoe.

The lace-up design of the shoes gives it a nice, sporty look and makes it easy to wear and keep on your feet. The strong alloy toe feature protects your feet and the soft trubuck leather adds in sleekness and durability.

These shoes will take off the effect of impact from your feet and keep you productive.

  • Its insole is made of memory foam.
  • The shoes are slip-resistant and can protect you from electrical hazards.
  • It has a sleek design and a sporty look.
  • The shoes are not made for extreme wetness.

Fit as Expected: 86%

Durability: The main things that determine durability are the soles and fabric type. These are not in question. The soles are made of rubber and the fabric type is 100% leather.

4. Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Waterproof Safety Toe

Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work...*
  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Metal- and mutilation-free upper
  • Nylon diffusion shank for structural support and...

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This is another shoe to consider for your typical day at the warehouse. Waterproof features gallantly intact, the 6-inch safety shoes will see you through every task.

Whether it’s climbing, standing for long hours, managing deliveries, or inspecting supplies, you’ll be supported all day by these stable shoes.

Its full leather construction is a major reason for its uniqueness. The speed lace hardware top gives it the absolute look and protective abilities that you’re looking for. It gets even better.

The alloy safety toe cap makes everything perfect. The midsole is made from polyurethane material. This means that while you enjoy protection and durability, you won’t have to deal with heaviness in your shoes.

Here’s another big win you’ll get when you buy these shoes. The mesh lining of the shoes has antimicrobial treatment. You have no worries of odor, or infection, even if you use the shoes every day.

The mesh lining also helps get moisture off the shoes so your feet don’t get soaked. Its outsole helps to keep you safe from falling due to water and oil spills.

There’s also an amazing PowerFit comfort system for you to stay comfortable at work. The alloy safety toe cap is a normal feature of protective shoes and it’s not missing in this one either.

  • The mesh lining is breathable.
  • The mesh lining features antimicrobial treatment.
  • The outsole is oil and slip-resistant.
  • They are not suitable for roofers as the outsoles are very hard.

Fit as Expected: 84%

Durability: The shoes’ outsole features PRO rubber construction for added durability.

5. KEEN Utility Men’s Industrial Shoe

KEEN Utility mens Atlanta Cool Work Shoe, Black/Dark Shadow, 10.5...*
  • STEEL TOE: Left and right asymmetrical steel toe...
  • TRACTION: Oil- and slip- resistant, non-marking,...
  • WATER RESISTANT: Moisture-wicking textile lining...
  • SUPPORT & UNDERFOOT PROTECTION: Electrical Hazard...

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You’re going to love these shoes for the following reasons. The fabric type is waterproof leather and mesh. This constitutes 100% of the shoes.

The breathable mesh liner is trusted to maintain air circulation around your feet. In addition to all these, you enjoy steel toes on both feet and supportive EVA midsole for your all-day comfort.

To improve safety values when you wear these shoes, reflective webbing has been incorporated in the design.

Another feature you would love is how easy they are to clean and maintain. Simply use a brush with soft bristles to get dirt from your shoes and you’re good to go!

  • They’re super easy to clean and maintain.
  • The shoes are dual-density compression molded.
  • They come with a highly comfortable EVA midsole.
  • There are sizes for wide feet.
  • The sizes may run small.

Fit as Expected: 78%

Durability: The waterproof leather and mesh fabric keep these shoes in good condition for a long time.

6. Reebok Work Men’s Sublite RB4016 Work Shoe

Reebok mens Sublite Work Safety Toe Athletic Work Industrial...*
  • FootFuel Footbed: Responsive cushioning for...
  • MicroWeb: Medial and lateral webbing increases...
  • Sublite Foam Midsole: Extremely light with a...
  • Slip Resistant Outsole: Traction and slip...

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This pair of shoes from Reebok is made with a fabric type of 100% micro web. It’s fantastic really because that’s unique and exciting.

You’re likely to get lots of compliments on these shoes when you wear them to work. The sole material is rubber and the outsoles are slip-resistant.

They’re great for standing day and with their attic dissipating dual-resistor protection, you’re assured of protection.

The steel toe you always look out for is also present here and the leather upper comes with MicroWeb accents.

To keep you further protected, all the metal parts of the upper area are well covered with none exposed. The EVA cushion footbed for support is removable.

The steel toe is a big deal, and it meets the ASTM F2413-11 standards and EH safety standards (electrical hazards).

  • The rubber outsoles are slip-resistant.
  • It features a sublite EVA cushioned midsole.
  • It may come pricey.

Fit as Expected: 70%

Durability: The rubber soles and micro web fabric type raise the shoes’ durability.

7. Skechers Work Flex Advantage SR – Bendon

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Another Skechers makes our list. But you should know that it’s because the shoe deserves to. The fabric type of these shoes is man-made mesh and the sole material is synthetic.

Easy to lace up and durable, these shoes are also worthy of consideration when you’re shopping for warehouse work shoes. The Advantage SR- Bendon, a fantastic feature of Skechers shoes helps you to stand for long hours without feeling pains in your feet.

The sporty construction also gives you a relaxed look and trendy appearance. The memory foam helps to increase the cushioning.

The lacing system features Bungee stretch lacing. This makes it super easy to slip on your shoes and tighten the ropes in only a few seconds.

The shoes also come with a padded collar and tongue that help to support you and keep you comfortable. For protection, the shoes have a toe guard that keeps your feet covered from possible abrasions.

Also, enjoy Memory Foam cushioning, that’s an added layer of support and cushioning for you. The side gore panels add to the ease of wearing and pulling the shoes off.

Skechers is all out for your comfort and this shoe is a masterpiece. For you, warehouse worker, they had you in mind making these shoes. You’ll be right on track by picking them up.

  • Despite all the supportive features, the shoes retain their light weight.
  • They’re very easy to wear and feature side gore panels to that effect.
  • They’re slip-resistant.
  • Some sizes may come pricey.

Fit as Expected: 80%

Durability: The shoes feature a unique sporty mesh fabric upper with grid underlay. This adds durability to the shoes. There’s also a smooth synthetic overlay at the shoes’ laces. That’s something you can trust.

Features to Look out for When Buying Warehouse Pickers Shoes- Buyer’s Guide

When you want to buy shoes for the workplace, there are certain features to look out for. Whether you order online or you go to a physical store, check to ensure that your shoe has all or at least most of these important qualities.

  1. High Protection: We’re putting this on top of the list because it’s the first thing you should be looking out for.

Your work shoes as a warehouse picker should have a high EH rating for protection from electrical hazards.

In case something heavy drops on your feet or close to it, the impact will have a reduced effect if you’re wearing protective shoes. Shoes with steel toe caps are the best here.

  1. Waterproof Features: Your shoes as a warehouse picker shouldn’t be easily threatened by water. Of course, you won’t go dipping it in water directly. This is just in case you come in contact with spilled water or other liquid.

Water shouldn’t damage your shoes or mess with your feet’s safety for the day. Except it’s an overwhelming amount, water should be able to bounce off the shoes you’ll pick out.

  1. Breathability: The quality of durability is a constant in almost all kinds of shoes and boots. If you’re going to be wearing your shoes to work especially, they must allow air circulation in your feet.

It’s uncomfortable to have your legs cooked up in shoes all day without any air. You can get shoes with breathable uppers so you won’t have to deal with such problems. Besides, shoes that are not breathable are more prone to getting smelly from sweat.

  1. Slip-resistance: Make sure your shoes are slip-resistance. Oil and water spillage may happen at work and you don’t want your shoes to slide you over and get you on your face.
  1. Durability: Because it’s difficult to have to replace shoes too often, you should invest in durable shoes once and for all.

Some shoes are made with materials of so great integrity that they last for decades. Durable shoes will give you rest of mind and confidence.

  1. Sleekness: Since you have to wear your shoes out, then you must not underestimate how they look. Your work shoes should have all the practical qualities but they should also look sleek.

Versatility in color should also be considered. Pick out shoes that will match any color of clothes you wear. Black and brown colors come in super handy here.

  1. Comfort: How comfortable and supportive are the shoes? That’s going to mean a lot for your productivity so make sure to check.

Comfortable shoes will help you move confidently and with as much speed as you require. They come with excellent insoles and anti-fatigue technologies that keep you strong all day. Tight or ill-fitted shoes will give you pain, blisters, and all kinds of foot troubles.

  1. Toughness and Flexibility: You need your work shoes to be tough. At the same time, they must not be overly stiff.

Flexibility is a good attribute of good work shoes. They’ll be soft enough to wrap snugly around your feet, yet tough enough to protect them from danger.

  1. Lightweight: You don’t need heavy shoes. The extra weight will only bog you down and you can end up dragging your feet. Make sure your shoes are light.
  1. Fitness for Your Feet Type, snugly, easy to wear: There are different conditions of the feet. Flat feet, supination and plantar fasciitis condition, high arches, etc. are a few of those. Make sure you identify any peculiarities of your feet and get shoes that fit them.

You may also have wide feet. That means you’ll need to order for larger sized shoes. Make sure that your shoes are easy to wear and lace-up too.

Having seen the necessary features, it’s time to go shopping!

FAQs on Best Shoes for Warehouse Work

If you still not conveyance then must read these most frequently asked questions related to best warehouse shoes. Our answers will definitely remove your dilemmas.

Do you have to Wear Safety Shoes as a Warehouse Picker?

Yes, you have to. Safety shoes are the only ones acceptable by health and safety law.

You have no idea how many accidents and how much damage you would avert by wearing safety shoes when you’re at work. Places like warehouses and construction sites are not like other workplaces, and you must take extra care.

What are the Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete Floors?

If you often stand on concrete floors, it’s important to get highly supportive shoes. The shoes we recommended above for warehouse pickers will come in super useful too if you need shoes to stand on concrete.

Better Shoes, Better Results

With excellent warehouse shoes, you will do better work, and that means better results. Work responsibilities demand that you get to understand the peculiarities and prepare yourself.

You can’t exactly predict the situations that will come your way daily at work. But you can protect yourself ahead by keeping your feet well covered.

By keeping your feet safe, you’ll work better, avoid pain, and stay happy. So, invest in good shoes right away to stay on top of your game.

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