7 Best Women’s Running Shoes with Arch Support

Women Running Shoes with Arch Support

If you’re a woman who is inclined towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is the goal for all of us the best running shoes with arch support can be one of your smartest investments.

We say that because if you intend to include running in your fitness regime and reap its full benefits, you need to gear up appropriately for it. That means you need to make sure you eliminate the chances of injuries in the process and support your feet thoroughly. Running shoes with arch support can fulfill both.

Running is an exhilarating experience and for you to continue feeling its power, you need to let go of cramped arches and unsupportive gears.

Arch supports might come across as a bulky addition to your shoes, but believe us, it is more critical than you think for the simple reason that runners cannot afford to hinder their experience with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and ankle sprains – especially if they have flat feet.

Arch supports are like shock absorbers but you do not need to be in pain to start using them. Contrary to the popular belief, they are not only for the ones who are in pain but also for those who do not want to end up in uninvited pain. The arch support shoes are for everyone – but especially for runners because the exercise constantly pressurizes your feet which makes it prone to damage if you do not have a built-in shock absorption gear in place.

What Exactly are Arch supports?

Arch supports are inserts placed into your shoes to provide support to the arch of your foot. They extend endless support to your feet and are built to prevent/eliminate/avoid the pain – especially during your running journey.

Importance of Arch Supports

  • Arch supports are designed to serve you with added comfort while you stand, walk, or run.
  • They’re known to lessen the pain as they distribute the pressure evenly across your arches packaging it with stability, support, and balance.
  • Arch support is for healthy individuals as well as for those who have suffered from persistent foot pain. These supports assist recovery by stabilizing your foot.

Benefits of Wearing Arch Supports

  • Lack of arch support causes the entire body to become misaligned thereby resulting in back, hip, pelvis, knee, and posture problems. If you can prevent and avoid these problems simply by using shoes with good arch support, is there any reason you’d not?
  • Shoes with arch support evenly distribute the pressure across your foot and keep your body in perfect alignment.
  • Arch supports serve wearers with balance and support by improving their posture which further eliminates their foot pain and problems.
  • These supports prevent further damage if you’re already suffering from injuries and pain.

Different Arch Types

Each individual has a different kind of arch and knowing which category you fit helps in choosing the right support:

High Arches: If you’ve high arches, you tend to walk on the pad of your foot and heel because your arch is comparatively higher. Underpronation is common for such individuals.

Low Arches: These kinds of arches often lead to overpronation and rest too low to the ground.

Flat Feet: These are the individuals who have little to no arch. This can lead to extensive overpronation, misaligned spinal, back pain, poor posture, and foot and heel pain.

Having shared detailed information with you on why running shoes with arch support must be a preference for all active women out there, it’s time to introduce our top picks.

At this point, it is important to know that there are thousands of options available for you in the name of shoes with arch support. However, it is also true that not all of them do justice to their name and fail at providing you balance, posture, stability, and support.

For this reason, we’ve scoured the internet and come up with the following list of seven women’s running shoes with arch support.

List of Women’s Running Shoes With High Arch Support

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

The first in the list of most comfortable women’s running shoes with arch support are Asics running shoes. We’ll be honest with you, putting one shoe at the top was difficult but Asics deserves every last bit of acknowledgment. Thank its gel technology that provides shock absorption like none other and extends maximum comfort to the wearer.

It is built with a firm foam lining that will ensure that your foot remains stable and doesn’t roll inwards during a rigorous run which is a huge plus for overpronators.

Then there’s Asics’ built-in Trusstic system that packages the shoes with structure so that there’s no risk of you twisting your foot during a run. The best part? The heavy cushioning and unparalleled support do not overpower other imperative factors in the shoes. They are still incredibly lightweight and super breathable. The best in the market and an all-in-one product? Indeed they are!

Amazon Customer’s Opinion: Believing this customer’s opinion, she has worn Gel-Kayanos shoes for many years and regularly participates in high-impact workouts and has found that these shoes provide great support to the heel of her feet, so this is one of the great shoes in her opinion, and it’s worth every penny.

She also told that many of her friends had bought shoes cheaply, but when they are not happy wearing them, they later used ASICS Women’s Gel-Kyanos shoes and found that their cheap shoes are of no use and these shoes have lived up to their expectations.

2. New Balance Women’s 680 V6 Running Shoe

One of the most popular myths regarding running shoes with arch support is that these shoes are designed only for comfort and are nowhere close to being visually appealing. Well, there’s no truth in that and there’s no better evidence than these New Balance pairs.

The engineered mesh on these shoes features no-sew construction that delivers a sleek fit, while the molded sock liner holds the foot for added comfort. Speaking of cushioning, the ABZORB midsole absorbs impact while the ACTEVA midsole offers versatile and flexible support.

New Balance Women’s 680 V6 Running shoes are specially designed for amplifying your performance as EVA foam provides lightweight cushioned underfoot and the rubber outsole provides a durable base for all runs of all intensity.

Despite all the cushioning, these shoes are surprisingly stable and lightweight. An exciting feature – they come with a removable insole, so you can opt to insert your favorite custom orthotics.

Amazon Customer’s Opinion: Every shoe has its own fan following, one such fan has said that the New Balance680 V6 Running Shoe is by far the best and most comfortable shoe that I have worn in my life.

According to her, she is a physical education teacher and is very active on her feet, throughout the day and these shoes give her comfort and support.

3. Saucony Unisex-Adult Women’s Omni 16 Running Shoe

These running shoes stand at the top when it comes to delivering support. They’re especially suitable for women who deal with their foot rolling inwards (moderate-to-severe pronation).

The goal that all running shoes with arch support must achieve is that of stabilizing the wearer’s foot throughout the run – and Saucony’s running shoes are more than successful in that aspect. They are designed to protect your foot against bending.

These shoes fit perfectly to women with normal, low, or flat arches – thank the comfort of the foam midsole. By including these shoes in your collection, you can be certain that added cushioning and shock absorption characteristics will package your foot with balance and stability.

The shoes are equipped with FlexFilm – a strong, lightweight material that allows for fewer layers in the shoe. Result? A seamless, flexible feel. Then there’s the Tri-Flex that increases force dispersion over a greater surface area thereby delivering flexibility and traction.

Amazon Customer’s Opinion: “I have pain in my feet due to plantar fasciitis & am always trying out different sneakers to properly support my arches. These are the most structured & supportive Sauconys. They have a lot of cushions & I can feel the stability built-in.”

4. adidas Women’s Solar Boost Running Shoe

These power-packed Adidas running shoes are a boon for women who want to boost up their running journey. Its boost energy foam propels you forward, helping you run faster with way less effort. If you’re a woman who’s fiercely enthusiastic about her running routine and is keen to improve her performance – mile after mile – these Adidas shoes are created exactly for you.

They are high-performance sneakers that deliver support and comfort like none other. Packed with the latest features, Adidas has created these shoes with the most responsive arch cushioning yet. They absorb shocks and release so that you finally have a chance to run with full gusto.

The added boost cushioning characteristics is what makes these pair stand out, keeps your gait smooth, packs your shoes with durability, and provides ultimate comfort to your feet. And that’s not all, you also get a wide, chunky heel and thick arches to keep the design lightweight. The shoes are super breathable too – the new mesh overlay keeps your feet cooler even on the hottest days.

Amazon Customer’s Opinion: “I have very flat arches and have a lot of trouble finding running shoes that fit well and offer enough support. These are great. Wore them for my first half marathon and they were the perfect running shoes. These are the only running shoes I’ll wear for cardio days and heavy workouts. Highly recommend.

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Horizon 3 Running Shoe

Mizuno Women’s Wave Horizon 3 Running Shoe admittedly set the standard for running shoe technologies. They are known for using a fan-shaped cloud wave to prevent overpronation – before it happens. And offer an incredible cushioned running ride.

Wave Horizon 3 is the most stable pair that Mizuno has come up with – they ensure a smooth transition from heel to toe on every step and keep you well-supported and efficient throughout your journey. Believe us when we say, this is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before – the advanced support shoes take your runs to the next level.

There’s a cushioned midsole to pack your foot with comfort, while the built-in Wave plate technology distributes the energy evenly post-impact – like the ripples of a wave. The plate is super responsive, gives complete arch support, and prevents pronation. And finally, Mizuno has come up with the brand new AeroHug technology so that you do not face slipping and sliding during your run ever again.

Amazon Customer’s Opinion: These Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 running shoes are without question the BEST tennis shoes I have ever purchased in my life. I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis and I have literally discarded every single pair of shoes I own that do not give adequate arch support.

The day these shoes arrived, I could barely walk the pain in my heel was so bad. Once I got them on, I simply could not believe it. The pain in my heel went from a 10 to a 3, instantly! Thank you Mizuno for finally making a tennis shoe that works for plantar fasciitis!

6. Nike Women’s Zoom Winflo 6 Running Shoes

These Nike pairs are built keeping in mind the support you’ll need while sweating at a good running session. The design is streamlined (that minimizes bulk), has a partial bootie construction that wraps the foot for a snug (sock-like) fit, and comes with two zoom air units in the forefoot and heel.

It is extremely responsive too and thus provides the much-needed support to the heel and arches. Speaking of the arches, they’re super thick and deliver utter stability to the midfoot during movement. There’s also an extra chunky heel to give your foot an additional layer of padding which is meant to reduce shock and protect your Achilles tendon from injury.

In addition to that, the shoes are built with a springy, responsive cushioning throughout – a padded midsole and a rubber crash rail along with the outsole.

One of the Amazon Customer’ opinions that they are looking for a particular shoe that will help in plantar fasciitis and he found this one. He wears this shoe almost 10 hours in a day and no heel pain. He tried two different shoe brands but those brands neither worked like this.

7. Salomon Women’s Sense Ride 2 W Trail Running

To all the women who understand how thrilling trail running is but at the same time aim to make their experience a safe one – this pair is for you. Super durable to withstand the friction of trails, power-packed to prevent over-rotation, the Salomon Women’s Sense Ride 2 W Trail Running Shoe is specifically designed for trail-running.

Utilizing the expertise from both trail and road running, the upper of these shoes is precise but flexible, so you can enjoy your run in complete comfort. With an all-surface rubber compound and a versatile lug pattern, they ensure a stable grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The outsole is structured with care to protect your feet – especially ankles – from twisting on uneven surfaces like rocks.

They are created to continuously adapt to the natural movements of your foot so that you get an extra boost of support when needed. But that’s not all! The pair comes with a removable OrthoLite footbed (with antimicrobial properties) – with them your foot is safe, comfortable, and fresh.

Amazon Customer’s Opinion: According to one of Amazon’s customers these shoes are great and he has a hard time wearing waterproof hikers and these shoes are super flexible, hit the back of his heel low enough to avoid blisters.

The first two days he had them he hiked 10 miles and zero blisters!! He really loves them. Excellent for CrossFit, excellent for the cross mountain.

What to Consider When Buying Running Shoes with Arch Support for Women

  1. Make sure the shoes you choose do not bend in half. You test this by attempting to fold the shoes in both directions.
  2. Ensure that the arch is sufficiently thick because thick arches can extend more support to your feet.
  3. See that the shoes have a wide heel for maximum support.
  4. The shoes with arch support must be able to provide stability to your foot. Prefer the shoes that are designed especially for running whether on a rocky trail or a treadmill.
  5. Go for custom orthotics if you need additional support in shoes that are already stable. Note that this is a must for those who have flat feet with high arches.
  6. The best shoes are those that align well with your natural built (body structure).
  7. Study the shoes thoroughly as some are meant for flat feet or high arches.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Running is an incredibly thrilling event. Women who run understand how personal and rejuvenating the entire activity is.

You have all the right in the world to have a comfortable, secure, and pain-free running journey. The aforementioned Women’s running shoes with arch support are created to give you that. Pick the one that suits you best and go on a running session you’ve never experienced before.

If you are satisfied with this post and are searching for men’s dress shoes with good arch support then definitely read this post.

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