How to Clean Basketball Shoes for Better Grip

How to Clean Basketball Shoes

A pair of basketball shoes will cost more than a few items in your personal collection if you buy a good pair, that is. They usually are lightweight and highly durable, giving good support as you go about your sporting activity.

How to clean your basketball shoes at home for a better grip? You must properly care for your basketball shoes the right way to preserve their longevity and avoid odor in your shoes. By cleaning them, you will also have them looking as good as new every time you wear them. Let’s see how you can clean them for a better grip without causing any damage to them.

How to Clean & Wash Smelly Basketball Shoes

Every basketball player wants to keep his shoes clean but he pays a lot of attention to his brands before buying shoes, but after buying, he does not know how to keep them clean and maintained.

Let’s see step by step ways on how to clean your shoes in the right way so that you don’t face any problem in the future and the age of your shoe is longer.

Step 1 – Remove Dry Dirt from the Shoes Using an Old Toothbrush

To clean the shoes, you don’t have to put it directly into the water or washing machine. First, you remove the dry dirt from the shoes using an old toothbrush.

Step 2 – Remove the Insoles and Shoe Laces

After removing the dry dirt from the shoes, you need to remove the insoles and shoe-laces from the shoes as you have to wash them separately because washing them together can cause problems in your shoes.

Step 3 – Mix Detergent with Warm Water

Now, heat a little water and add a little detergent to that warm water in a bowl and then use a soft piece of cloth or sponge to wipe your shoes to remove dirt and clean all the shoes easily.

Step 4 – Remove the Soapiness from the Shoes

Using another clean cloth and water without soap, remove the soapiness from your shoes until they are completely free of lather.

Step 5 – Leave Your Shoes in an Airy Place to Dry

When you wash your shoes well, leave it in a sunny and airy place to dry for a few hours so that it will give you a glowing look after drying.

How to Take Care of Basketball Shoes

Take care of your basketball shoes is not hard at all, it is very important to keep them clean because sometimes it happens that people keep their shoes clean but does not take care of them and due to which the age of the shoes is reduced so, trying to help the shoes last longer, avoid doing the following things and maintain your shoes at home.

1. Avoid Bleaching Your Basketball Shoes

You must avoid the bleaching of your shoes to preserve the strength of the material, usually leather, that was used in making it. You can use this method with other shoes, but don’t try to use detergent especially with your basketball shoes, no matter what anyone advises you to wash them.

2. Never Wash Your Shoes in Washing Machine

Never try to wash your shoes in the washing machine, because washing your shoes in the washing machine will damage it very quickly, so you will notice that the manufacturer of the shoes will never advise you to wash it in the washing machine, but many others are advised you to wash it in the washing machine so, we would advise you not to wash your basketball shoes in the washing machine.

3. Washing Your Shoes with Hard Chemicals

When you wash your clothes with hard chemicals they damage the shine of your clothes. In the same way, if you wash your shoes from the hard chemicals they will also destroy them as well as removes their shine, so avoid the harsh chemicals to wash your basketball shoes as much as possible and give your shoes a longer life.

4. Don’t Dip Your Shoes Directly in Water

As we have already told you, don’t dip your shoes directly in water, no matter how dirty your shoes are, it is childish to put them directly in water instead, follow the method we have mentioned above about cleaning your smelly basketball shoes only then you can make your shoes longer age.

How Do You Clean White Basketball Shoes?

White basketball shoes can be cleaned by following the same method we have explained above in this article. The only special thing about white shoes is that they look very bad as soon as they get dirty and in the same way when you wash them with the method mentioned above, they look just like new.

To do this, rub white toothpaste on the shoe and wipe off using warm water. Your white basketball shoes will look as good as new. We also share some tips to clean your white shoes with baking soda and toothpaste.

You can also do this for basketball shoes with other colors apart from white, but in that case, you should only put the paste on the white soles to clean them. Sometimes, many basketball players have clean shoes, but their shoelaces are dirty, if you are also one of them, then check here the step by step guide to clean white shoelaces and make your shoes new.

After you have dried your basketball shoes, it is advisable to place desiccant packets in them to keep them dry and fresh all day.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

You should clean your basketball shoes as often as possible to keep them in excellent shape. If you have invested in buying expensive shoes, you should also care for them so you’d enjoy them for a longer time. Remember also to never put them in the washing machine to wash.

In the end, we sincerely hope that you will like these methods which are given above and that you will maintain and clean your basketball shoes well so that they will get a better grip as well as longer age.

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