How To Keep Shoes From Creasing When Walking

How To Keep Shoes From Creasing When Walking

Shoe’s creasing can be a serious issue, especially if the creasing acts as a way for your shoe’s material to get torn. Creases happen to any shoe, regardless of material, and are often a violation of walking wrongly, amongst other reasons.

So, how do you keep your shoes from creasing when walking? You can do this by using a shoe tree to hold up your shoes when they’re not in use. Shoe trees are effective accessories in reducing the rate at which your shoes crease. There are also other equally efficient methods.

Why Do My Shoes Crease When I Walk?

The reasons for creasing in shoes are not far-fetched. Regardless of the material, the following reasons are why your shoes crease when you walk.

  1. The Way You Walk
  2. Wearing Shoes that are Badly Fitted
  3. The Quality of the Shoe’s Material
  4. Wearing your Laces Loosely

1. The Way You Walk

This is the primary reason your shoe’s crease. Wrong feet posture when walking will inevitably lead to creasing in your shoes.

The general way of walking where the toes or the fore sole strikes the ground first, then the feet bend and follow will lead to creases in your shoes.

Rather, it’s better if you walk with your heel striking the ground first.

2. Wearing Shoes that are Badly Fitted

Wearing ill-fitted shoes will cause creases. This will especially happen when the shoes are too big. The extra space will give room for creasing as you walk, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Not picking the right size of shoes will leave a lot of space between the upper and your feet, and this will in turn affect the level of support your feet will give to the upper.

The result of that will be creasing. Also wearing small shoes can give you problems with creasing, on top of causing you a lot of pain. This is because as you walk, the upper will be stretched too tightly and when your feet bends, creases occur.

In fact, with smaller shoes, you might run the risk of the shoes getting torn entirely as the shoe creases.

3. The Quality of the Shoe’s Material

The quality of the material used to make your shoes is another factor that will lead to creasing. Lower quality materials, either leather or mesh or fabric, will give you issues with creasing.

For leather, low quality leather is usually made from the belly area of the animals. The skin there is already loose, and using it to make shoes will just promote creasing that can be often unsightly.

4. Wearing Your Laces Loosely

Wearing your laces loosely is another issue that causes creasing. This is because loose laces won’t help firm up your shoe’s upper, and the looseness will be a playing ground for creases to occur.

This will occur in any shoe that you wear it’s laces lose, regardless of material.

How Do I Stop My Shoes From Creasing?

There are a number of ways you can go about this, and they are;

  1. Use a Shoe Tree
  2. Use a Shoe Horn
  3. Don’t Wear Your Shoes too Often
  4. Get Properly Fitting Shoes

1. Use a Shoe Tree

Using shoe trees will greatly help in keeping your shoes from creasing. The entire idea is to keep your shoe in shape when it’s not being worn, and wooden shoe trees do this well.

Shoe trees are shoe care accessories that are shaped to the shape of a shoe, and they also expand into the toe box. They generally push against the shoe heel to be able to do this.

Shoe trees work to keep your shoes from creasing because as you walk, your feet release moisture that is absorbed into the upper of your shoes.

This moisture makes your shoe’s upper more prone to creases by making it soft and loose. The job the shoe tree does is to help your shoe uppers shrink into shape when they get dried from the moisture they absorbed.

2. Use a Shoe Horn

A common cause of creases in the heel of shoes is by crushing them when putting them on. You can combat this by using a shoe horn.

This shoe accessory will help you put on your shoes easily and properly, and will prevent you from crushing the heel of your shoes. In the long run, you will buy lesser shoes and you’ll develop the habit of putting on shoes properly.

3. Don’t Wear Your Shoes too Often

Wearing your shoes too often will lead to creasing. This is because of the stress that wearing and walking shoes put on them, and if the stress gets too much for your shoes, they will eventually crease.

This is worse when you walk incorrectly.

It’s best to get another pair of shoes, so you can lessen the burden on one pair and space out the number of times you wear a pair.

4. Get Properly Fitting Shoes

This is a very good way to prevent creasing, not just to stop it. Picking the right size of shoes will help reduce the space between your feet and the shoe’s upper. As a result of that, your feet will provide support for the upper and help reduce creasing.

To know if a shoe correctly fits you, check whether the shoe presses in on the widest part of your foot without being too snug. Also, check for looseness.

If your shoes are too snug/tight, it will hurt your feet and cause ingrown toe-nails because of the pressure of the material on your nails.

If your shoes are too loose or big, the material will flop around, rubbing your skin and causing blisters and general discomfort.

Lastly, ensure there isn’t a lot of space between your feet and the heels counter of your shoe.

In a Wrap

Creasing in shoes is a very unsightly occurrence. Learning how to walk properly is your best bet against keeping your shoes from creasing when walking.

Though you basically can’t stop creases over time, you can keep it from happening often if you learn how to treat your shoes and use shoe tools like a shoe horn, a shoe tree, etc.

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