How to Keep Shoes from Slipping off Heel: Proven Ways

How to Keep Shoes from Slipping off Heel

What is the use of a beautiful pair of shoes that keep slipping off your heel? Shoes that slip off the heel can be embarrassing. But not just that, they can cause accidents. They can also distort your posture and make you look incredibly uncomfortable when walking.

How can you keep your shoes from slipping off your heels? Keep your shoes glued to your heels by using shoestix. It’s a double-sided tape that lasts longer than the regular tape and works better. There are other DIY methods you can try at home.

Why Do Shoes Slip off Heels?

Knowing why shoes slip off heels will give you an understanding of the methods that can help you correct the problem. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Sweaty Feet: Sweating in the feet is the main reason why shoes slip off heels. When your feet are wet from sweat, they won’t stay put inside your shoes. Thus, you’ll find them slipping off every now and then until they are at least dry.

Too Large Sizes: If you pick out shoes that are too big for you, they will constantly slip off from your heels. If they have space at the front when walking, your feet will move to fill the spaces and leave the back blank, causing slippage.

 Narrow Feet: If you have narrow feet, you’ll have to shop carefully to find the perfect fit. Narrow feet puts you at a higher risk of having shoes that slip.

 Loosely tied Laces or Loosely Fitted Buckles: Shoes that come with laces help to provide better fit and stability for your feet. If you don’t tie the laces well or fit the buckle till you feel some tightness, you can have your feet slipping out of your shoes.

New Shoes: Generally, new shoes slip. After you break them in, they take the shape of your feet and fit snugly.

Low Instep: Low Instep is also another reason for slipping feet. If the shoes have terrible arch support, it will make the situation worse and you’ll feel uncomfortable when you walk. When your feet slip out of your shoes, they can cause your ankle to twist.

Irregular Foot Shape: If your feet have a peculiar and uncommon shape, you should opt more often for custom shoes. Buying a pair from the stores may land you ones that don’t match your foot shape, and that may lead to frustration.

How to Walk in Heels Without Falling

Heels are notorious for causing the feet to slip out of shoes. Some of that reason is due to the fact that people usually pick out the wrong heels for them. Understanding your feet and shopping accordingly will help you solve this.

Another reason is that they don’t know how to walk in heels. When you can walk in your heels, you’ll be reducing drastically the risk of having your feet slip off. If you can walk properly in high heels, you’ll eliminate slipping. So let’s talk now about how do we do this?

1. Put in Heel Grips

Heel grips are made by shoe companies to help keep your feet inside your shoes. Purchase heel grips and put them inside to help you walk properly without fear of falling or slipping.

2. Step from Your Heel to Your Toe

This may take some practice but it always pays off. You should step from your heel first and then roll into your toe. This will help you walk better in heels and prevent slipping.

3. Buy only Well-fitted Shoes

The reason why many people experience slipping out of heel shoes is because they buy ill-fitted shoes. Don’t do that. Get shoes that fit you perfectly and you would have taken away one big issue from your heel slippage.

4. Put Hairspray on Your Feet

Many women have testified to the fact that putting hairspray on their feet makes them stick better to their heels. Since it’s a fact so widely acclaimed, you should try it out too. Just spray on the hairspray when you’re about to wear your shoes and you’re good to go.

5. Stuff Your Shoes

If your shoes have spaces in front of them, they will cause you to slip. Stuff your shoes with soft tissue paper or cotton wool to fill the front spaces.

The stuffing will need regular changes to avoid your shoes from becoming smelly. You can also combine this method with the talcum powder method for better effectiveness.

6. Wait and Break in Your Shoes

Sometimes, all you need do is wait and break into your shoes. When you break into them, you’ll enjoy their snug-fitting more.

7. Try Heels with Straps and Buckles

Heels that have straps and buckles exist for a reason: To keep your feet inside your shoes. If all the methods are absolutely too stressful for you to implement, then buy heels with straps and good buckles.

8. Practice Walking in Heels at Home

Practice makes perfect. So, practice walking in your heels several times at home before you start using them outside. You’ll be able to find out what works for you and keep that in mind.

9. Keep Your Head and Spine Straight

When you’re walking, keep your head straight. It’s a kind of ‘keeping your eyes on the goal’ thing. Make sure your spine is straight too. This way, you’ll achieve the perfect gait and bounce lightly as you take every step.

10. Take Breaks from Heels

We agree with you that heeled shoes are elegant, but you’ve got to learn to take breaks from them. Two days in a row is just ideal, then switch to other types of shoes.

This will help you refill your morale to wear them, and you’ll be able to make every dressing-up experience worth it.

11. Scrape the Bottoms with Sandpaper

Yes, this good old method will work pretty well. Using sandpaper to rub the sole area of your shoes will help to improve traction and prevent you from slipping. Simply get sandpaper and use it to make small concentric circles on the soles. You’ll find them easier to walk in.

5 Proven Ways to Prevent Heel Slippage in Pumps

If you absolutely want to rock those pumps, then you should protect yourself and prevent your heels from slipping off them. Also, avoid the embarrassment that comes with falling when you’re walking on the red carpet. Or simply walking into a party and then slipping out of your shoes.

Here are the proven methods that will protect you there. The beauty of it all is that you can use the methods at home quickly. For a professional touch, you can also go to a cobbler. Whatever you do, as long as you do it well, your shoes will cooperate.

1. Use a Tongue Pad for Low Instep

Low Instep is a rather natural phenomenon, and if your feet have low insteps, you shouldn’t feel bad. What you can do is to use a tongue pad to fill up the instep space. To make it easier for you, you can ask a cobbler to help you get this done.

Your feet would feel more accommodated by your shoes. They’ll feel more snug and more stable. Well, fitted shoes pose less problems of slipping from the heels.

2. Pick Out Shoes with Closed Toes

You should also pick out shoes with closed toes. Sweat makes your feet slide all the way to the front of your shoes. The space that they leave at the heels will cause them to slip out when you’re walking. You should avoid this by all means.

Closed-toe will help to push your feet back up so that they don’t go all the way to the front and poke through the open toes.

3. Don’t Use Lotions on Your Feet

Whenever you’re going to wear heels, don’t use lotions on your feet. Lotions and creams encourage sweating especially during hot seasons. And you know what happens when your feet get sweaty. Just altogether avoid using lotion on your feet any day you’ll need your pumps to be at their best behavior.

4. Line Your Shoes with Shoestix

Shoestix is a popular and highly effective remedy for slipping heels. It is a double-sided tape that combines the features of insoles and sticky tapes. Shoestix last longer than the regular tape, and you will not have to replace them too often.

5. Spray Talcum Powder on Your Feet

This is our last method for preventing foot slippage but it doesn’t mean it’s not wonderfully efficient. Talcum Powder will reduce the production of sweat in your feet. With dry skin, you can have a better level of friction and enjoy walking in your shoes better.

These methods will help you fix this problem. Low instep issues will require you to talk to a cobbler but you can do the rest of your methods at home.

Walk with Confidence!

Confidence makes people know that you’re enjoying your shoes. If you look all embarrassed and uncomfortable, you’ll give yourself away. So, if you want to prevent heel slippage in shoes then use any of our proven methods to keep your feet inside your shoes and enjoy walking every time you have to. Cheers!

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