Is it Better to Wearing 1 Size Bigger Shoes or Your Actual Size

Is it Better to Wearing 1 Size Bigger Shoes

Sizing in the shoe world is a very subjective thing. Subjective because different brands have variations, slight or otherwise, in their sizing charts. This is why a person might wear a size 7 in one brand and wear a size 8 in another brand.

So, is it better to wear one size bigger shoes or your actual size? It’s really not an all or nothing issue. Everything depends on what your goal is. The answer lies in why you want to wear a shoe that’s a full size bigger when you can wear one that is your actual size.

Reasons for Wearing Shoes that are a Size Bigger

Everyone generally wants to wear shoes that are fitted. But we’ve rounded up some reasons we think might warrant buying shoes that are a size bigger.

The Shoe is For a Growing Child

Buying the actual sizes of shoes for children is actually counterproductive, as you’d have to replace the shoes sooner than you expect.

They will basically outgrow the shoes at a faster rate than the number of times they wear shoes. Buying shoes a full-size up is not a bad idea provided the shoes are closed-top shoes and are not athletic shoes.

It is also crucial that you insert insoles into the shoes to help fill up some space.

You’re not Sure about Your Size For a Particular Brand

It is a known fact that there are variations in sizes of shoes per brand, and if you’re unaware about your actual size for a particular brand, you might decide to get a full size larger shoe, just to be on the safe side.

This might also be the case for people who have flat feet and want to get athletic shoes, but are worried about the natural swelling of the feet when they run.

It is actually advised by experts to get running shoes that are half a size more than your normal size.

You Wear Pumps for Long Hours

It is well documented that a lot of female celebrities wear pumps ranging from half a size larger to a full size larger than their actual size. The reason for this is not far-fetched; they typically have to stand for hours at industry events and as such, they have to find ways to combat the swelling of the feet.

But this is not limited to celebs alone. Women working in the corporate world usually have to wear pumps for long hours as a matter of professionalism. For both the women in the corporate world and celebs, one thing is constant; pumps that are their actual sizes are going to cause swelling, pain in their feet, blisters, etc.

To combat this, these women usually choose to wear pumps that are larger than their actual size. This gives them ample room to insert silicon pads into the big pumps, as this helps to prevent blisters, aid blood circulation, and also helps to prevent swelling.

These scenarios are valid scenarios for wanting to get shoes that are a full size larger than your actual size. Generally, people are encouraged to know their actual foot sizes, but for people who don’t, there is also a tendency to buy shoes that are a size bigger than their actual size.

Dangers of Wearing Shoes that are a Size Larger

Simply put, wearing shoes that are too big isn’t very good. There are a number of issues it can cause, as we will be discussing below:-

  • Ankle Injuries: Wearing shoes that are too big, especially athletic shoes, is a recipe for ankle injuries. Athletic shoes need to offer a certain level of grip around the ankle, which isn’t the case for shoes that are too big.

As a result, twisting your ankle is a likely occurrence, as is spraining it because of the wrong walking motion you’d have to employ to compensate for the ungainly walking motion.

  • Falling: Wearing shoes that are too large pose the likely outcome of falling, and this is because of slipping. Your feet inside the shoe would have too much space, and as such the shoes can slip and make you fall.
  • Blisters: Wearing shoes that are larger than your actual size means that a lot of friction is created when the shoes inevitably rub against your shoes as your feet slip forward and backward.
  • Lack of Support: Shoes that are larger than your feet can also cause a lot of pain in your knees and back, as your shoes wouldn’t be providing adequate support for your feet and the strain of that would be transferred to your back and knees.

Measuring Your Actual Size to Wear Shoes

We mentioned earlier about the actual size of your shoes and the fact that a lot of people don’t actually know their shoe sizes. There is an option to get professional measurement, but there is also an option of doing the measurement yourself.

Measuring Your Shoe SizeTo find out your own actual size, all you need is a piece of paper large enough to stand on, a pen, and a flat surface.

Place the paper on the flat surface and stand on it, making sure to mark the tip of your toes and the back of your heels on the paper.

Trace the outline of each foot and measure both of them. Both feet are not exactly the same size, so find out which one is larger.

Use the larger measurement as the defining measurement when you want to get shoes again.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Buying shoes that are a full size larger than your actual size might not be a good idea most times, but in the right conditions, it might be a masterstroke. For children, it’s often best to buy them shoes they can grow into, as they grow pretty fast.

Deciding to pick a larger shoe than you’d normally pick, especially when it’s for a shoe brand you’re not familiar with is understandable, but it’s also important to have the right tools to help you out in case you run into issues down the line.

In all, knowing your actual size and going for it is probably the best practice when buying shoes, and unless you have special situations, we wouldn’t advise you to go against standard practice.


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