8 Most Durable Skate Shoes in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Most Durable Skate Shoes

Ah, skating. This sport turns heads and wows crowds, with the number of tricks and flips the participants pull off. But anyone in the sport’s world knows a sportsman’s performance is only as good as their footwear. And with the fascinating but risky maneuvers, skaters pull, having the right and most durable skate shoes can be the difference between a neat skill and a nasty wipeout.

This is why we have reviewed 8 of the best skate shoes in 2021 to help you with regards to picking up a skate shoe. OK, let’s get started!

Review of 8 Most Durable Skate Shoes in 2021

Let’s dive into the longest-lasting skate shoes from different brands. All these shoes are comfortable with a good level of grip, lightweight as well as easy to slip on,

1. Vans Men’s Gilbert Crockett Pro – Comfort & Easy Wear

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The Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro is made with reinforced uppers, made with suede mainly. The shoes also have extra cushioning packed into them, making sure that landings are not painful and jarring.

Though a vulcanized shoe, the construction of the Gilbert provides great support, similar to a cupsole.

The midsole of the shoes is also well-cushioned, which bodes well for providing good arch support. The vulcanized sole of the shoes provides excellent grip, and the Ultracush padding gives you a lot of comforts when you wear the shoes.

  • A number of customers lauded the quality and comfort the insoles provide.
  • The shoes provide a good level of grip.
  • The shoes have a good level of padding.
  • Some skaters had issues with the low quality of stitching.
  • Some customers complained about the suede being low quality.

Fit as Expected: 80%

Durability:The shoes have extra padding that makes them very durable, as a good number of their customers have attested.

2. Lakai Men’s Griffin Skate Shoe

Lakai Men's Griffin Action Sports,Black/White Suede,9.5 M US*
  • Low-cut skate shoe with durable seamless toe and...
  • Herringbone tread
  • Lightly padded collar and tongue

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These shoes are one of the most flexible skating shoes available, and they come with vulcanized soles. The grip they also afford is amazing and coupled with their lightweight nature, these shoes are one of the best skateboard shoes you can get.

The shoes sport an EVA insole that provides good support for your feet, whilst also delivering a comfortable ride each time you use the shoes.

The upper of the shoes are double stitched, meaning that these shoes won’t wear out easily. It is a good thing, as they are made for skaters who will put in the hard yards each and every time.

  • The shoes come in 4 color schemes
  • The shoes are very comfortable, with a number of customers lauding this very particular trait.
  • The prices of the shoes are a bit on the high side.

Fit as Expected: 88%

Durability: The Herringbone tread makes the durability of these shoes superb.

3. Etnies Marana Skate Shoe – Lightweight Skateboard Shoes

Etnies Men's Marana Vulc-M, Black/Gum, 9 D US*
  • STI evolution foam insole
  • Grippy vulcanized outsole
  • Rubber printed toe cap
  • Reinforced upper for support

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These vulcanized skateboard shoes are very lightweight, but at the same time afford you a level of grip that is unrivaled.

This is made possible by a sticky rubber outsole that also enhances the shoe’s durability.

They are also versatile, as they can be used not just on the skateboard, but also at work or on hard concrete trails when running. They also provide a good degree of comfort and are good value for money.

They also have a rubber printed toe cap that offers you maximum protection for your toes as you skate.

  • The shoes are trendy and have excellent aesthetics.
  • The construction of the shoes is very solid.

Fit as Expected: 79%

Durability: The Gum Rubber outsole of these shoes makes them quite durable.

4. Reebok Work Men’s Soyay

Reebok Work RB1910 Men's Soyay Safety Toe*
  • Classic skateboard oxford
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Steel toe
  • Grip master slip resistant rubber sole with EVA...

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Reebok is not just a reputable footwear brand, but also a dependable one. Which is the buzzword for these shoes.

They are high-class footwear that offers you a tremendous amount of grip, due to the soles being both oil and slip-resistant.

The shoes also come with steel toes that provide you with extra protection against toe injuries, and they come with a rubber heel wedge that provides added support for your heels, and also comfort.

The insoles of the shoes are removable, but the pre-installed insoles aren’t by any means slack; they are EVA cushioned insoles that promise you a lot of support and cushioning.

  • The steel toe offers a superior level of toe protection.
  • The soles of the shoes are slip-resistant, giving you a good level of grip.
  • The shoe’s soles are also oil resistant.
  • The weight of the shoes are added to by the steel toe, which can make them uncomfortable for some skateboarders.

Fit as Expected: 75%

Durability: The suede leather upper of the shoes is tough and improves the durability of the shoes.

5. DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe

DC Men's Pure SE Skate Shoe*
  • Mesh lining
  • Foam padded tongue and collar for comfort and...

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DC shoes have been making skaters glad and many professionals attested to the fact that DC shoes were worth the money.

The 100% leather construction and rubber sole, along with well-padded tongue and collar for good support, are qualities worth talking about.

The soles of the shoes are abrasion-resistant and you also get vent holes for breathability. For excellent shock absorption during high impact moments, the shoes have a thick rubber midsole.

The grip rubber bottom of the shoes also helps you maintain a firm foot grip on your shoes, keeping you safe as you skate.

  • The shoes are versatile and can be used for other activities.
  • The pill pattern tread and grip rubber bottom help improve foot grip on skateboard.
  • There are size issues with the shoes so consult the chart carefully.

Fit as Expected: 80%

Durability: These shoes are made of durable materials, abrasion resistant rubber outsole and 100% leather.

6. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Jameson 2 ECO Skateboarding Shoe*
  • Color-blocked skater sneaker in cupsole...
  • Padded collar
  • Wraparound midsole with contrast piped stripe
  • Internal EVA midsole

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This pair of Etnies are made of 100% canvas and synthetic fabric. The sole of the shoes is rubber, just as expected, so you’re assured of great traction and durability.

The open cell PU foam insole of the shoes help to support you more during your skating.

The faux Vulc cupsole is also a great advantage, as it provides good stability for you as you skate.

The padded tongue of the shoe, alongside the collar, helps to protect your ankles.

  • The insoles are removable.
  • The shoe has a stylish and sleek design.
  • The sizes may run narrow so they’re not ideal for wide feet.
  • The arch support is relatively poor.

Fit as Expected: 77%

Durability: The durability of these shoes is top-notch as the outsole is made of recycled rubber.

7. DC Men’s Net Shoes

DC Shoes Mens Shoes Net Shoes*
  • Cup sole
  • Vent holes
  • Lightweight mesh tongue

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The cupsoles construct of these shoes helps keep your feet stable when you wear them. The shoes feature vent holes so help ensure air circulation around your feet at all times.

The design is sleek and you have the advantage of foam padded tongue and collar which help to keep you stable.

The shoes have a pill pattern tread for better traction during skating and to keep you well glued to your skating board.

Enjoy lightweight mesh tongue and practical shoes with a unique design.

  • The shoes are highly breathable.
  • They’re lightweight and easy to slip on.
  • The pill pattern tread helps to improve traction.
  • They’re great for wide feet.
  • They may run small, so go a size up.

Fit as Expected: 84%

Durability: The high walled rubber sole is a good point to reckon with when considering the shoes’ durability

8. Osiris Protocol

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These shoes are ones to consider for your skating shoes especially if you’re on a tight budget. The pricing does not affect the quality of the shoes and you’ll enjoy using them for skating.

The rubber sole of the shoes brings on durability as well as a better board grip. There’s no fear of falling or slipping because these shoes will support you well.

The shoes are also lightweight. They come in a nice snug fit and help you enjoy your skating sessions with no hassles.

  • The shoes are lightweight and suitable for skating.
  • The tongue and collar is padded for your comfort.
  • They’re highly affordable shoes.
  • They don’t come with backup laces.
  • They may run small.

Fit as Expected: 64%

Durability: The shoes are durable and will last you for a fairly long time. They have reinforced high abrasion areas that help to elongate their life span for your enjoyment.

Choosing the Best Skateboard Shoes: What to Look Out For

There are a number of attributes to use as yardsticks when you want to pick skateboard shoes. They are;

Style of Skate Shoes

Your style is your style, there’s no getting away from that. Everyone has a personal riding style, and it is very advisable to pick your skateboard shoes accordingly. Generally, with skateboard shoes, there are two different styles;

Vulcanized: These skateboard shoes have a light build, which gives the users excellent flexibility and grip, especially for flip tricks. This style of skateboard shoes is excellent for performance, as they allow you a wide range of applications.

There is a downside to this though. For all of the performance and maneuverability that vulcanized skateboard shoes offer, there is a conspicuous lack of shock absorption. Hard landings might be felt more than you desire to, and this for some skateboarders is off-putting.

Cupsoles: An immediate attraction to this style of skateboard shoes is the good level of cushioning they provide.

So whether you find yourself with large drop-offs or you’re staring down a flight of stairs, cupsoles will help you prevent bruising in your heels and also give you the best landing conditions as a skater.

Of course, cupsoles are able to offer more cushioning because they are built to be thicker than their vulcanized counterparts. That thickness also leads to a drop off in the level of control you’re able to get.

Nevertheless, if you’re a skater who loves large drops and pool tricks, vulcanized skateboard shoes are your best option.

Durability of Shoes

It is very important that your skateboard shoes be durable, as they will undergo a lot of wear and tear due to usage. In order to gauge the durability of your skateboard shoes, look out for the material used to make the upper of shoes.

The material must have at least double stitching and preferably triple stitching.

Also, you need to be sure that your outsole has a solid structure, and that it stands up to wear and tear well.

Fitting of Skateboard Shoes

Your skateboard shoes have to be the right fit for you, as you will be doing a lot of tricks and trials. With all that, a shoe that is too small or too big will make things uncomfortable for you.

Comfort and Protection of Shoes

Your skateboard shoes have to let you perform in them, which boils down to how comfortable you are in them. A well-padded shoe will do your feet a world of good, and also allow you to perform to the highest of your ability.

For your protection, we also advise that you look for shoes with dual heel protection, and also a heel counter. A shoe with a good heel counter will help prevent bruises in your heels.

Types of Skateboard Shoes

There are three types of skateboard shoes, and they are explained below.

  1. High-Cut: High cut skateboard shoes are skateboard shoes that extend more than your ankles.

The length of the shoes gives additional protection to your ankle. However, the protection comes at a cost; your ankles have less mobility, which can be a bit of a problem. That’s especially if you’re a fan of the fancier and slick skills.

  1. Mid-Cut: These types of skateboard shoes are lower than the high cut shoes, but they also provide your ankles with freedom and allow you to have easy flexibility and mobility.

They strike the balance well, which is why they might be the best skateboard shoes for rookie skateboarders.

  1. Low-Cut: These skateboard shoes go all out with mobility. Thas’s a bit at the expense of the protection for your ankles. Still, there are the absolute best skateboard shoes if you love your tricks.

FAQs on Best Shoes for Skateboard Shoes

Before reaching any conclusion, do read the frequently asked questions given by us, which will be very helpful for you and you will be able to get good skate shoes.

Can I Use Skateboard Shoes for Walking?

Yes. Though they aren’t particularly made for walking, their peculiar features make them very good walking shoes. The only downside to that is that they are only suited to being walking shoes in the city, not on dirt trails.

Are Skateboard Shoes Compulsory for a Skateboarder?

Absolutely. Whilst they are trendy and chic shoes if used outside of the scope of skateboarding, they are crucial for skateboarders.

A key function they perform for skateboarders is helping them keep their center of gravity properly. When you’re primarily hopping and leaping and performing tricks, you need all the balance you can get, and skateboarding shoes help with that immensely.

The grip and control that vulcanized rubber gives to skateboarders can’t be had by using regular sneakers. Their outsoles are basically incapable of this. This is why skateboarding shoes are compulsory for a skateboarder.

How Long Will Skateboard Shoes Last?

This generally depends on how much you use it. Yes, the materials used to make the shoes also matter, and we are not belittling that. It is important to also know that if you use your skateboard shoes regularly, they will wear out faster than if you don’t use them regularly.

To put some numbers to it, a good pair of skateboard shoes should last at least 3 years, with an upper limit of 5-6 years. It depends on how many hours in a week you use them for. It is also important that you take care of your shoes. Rinse them as regularly as you can manage. Regular care for your skateboard shoes will extend their usefulness.

What is Special About Skateboard Shoes?

If you’re not a skateboarder, you might think there isn’t much to skateboarding shoes. But this wouldn’t be true. We will explain this in a brief list below;

  • Skateboard shoes provide more safety for skateboarders than regular sneakers, as they are designed specifically for the sport of skateboarding. For instance, the shoes have additional padding in areas of likely wear, and also toe caps.
  • Skateboard shoes are usually more durable than regular sneakers, as they are made for the rigors of skateboarding. A lot of skateboard shoes come double-stitched, some even triple stitched.

The materials are also tougher than the ones used to make regular shoes. Some of these materials are action leather, super suede, etc.

  • The soles of skateboard shoes are usually either cup soles or vulcanized soles. Both of these are very different in design and purpose to the soles of regular sneakers, which are usually made with high abrasion rubber.

In Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Picking up the right skateboard shoes is very important, both to your performances as a skater and to your chances of avoiding wipeouts.

This review has all you need to pick out the best skate shoes. We hope you have fun whilst doing so.

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