Shoe Basics: 9 Must-Have Shoes For Teenage Girls

Popular Shoes and Sneakers for Teenage Girls

Shoes can make or break any outfit! From classic sandals to popular sneakers, there is a shoe for every occasion and mood. The truth is that you don’t need a closet bursting with shoes to be fashionable. Having a capsule collection containing some classics is the way to go. A few key staples will get you through the year in style.

List of Popular Shoes and Sneakers for Teenage Girls

Here we have listed the most popular shoes that are must-have shoes for teenage girls. Read about all these shoes one by one and definitely include them in your daily life because after seeing a lot, we have included them in our list.

1. The Sporty Sneaker 

An active social life means that comfort should come first. Walking around between school and meeting your friends requires something with a supple sole and arch support. Supporting your feet properly is vital for anyone that walks for long periods, runs, or plays sports.

Even if you are not that active, having a well-rounded sports sneaker will always come in handy, especially when you are in a rush and don’t have time to contemplate your outfit.

Finding the right sports shoe will take a little bit of experimentation.

  • Check that they are breathable to avoid foot odor. 
  • Make sure you wear socks of the same thickness when working out or wearing shoes.
  • Don’t just stick to the brands that you like,  try on different styles for a proper fit.

2. Cute Kitten Heels 

Kitten heels are the dainty alternative to stilettos. They prove that it’s not about the height of the heel, but about the design of the shoe. Kitten heels have been around for decades and are ideal for teens since the heel ranges around 1-2 inches.

A kitten shoe can have a block heel, a pencil heel, or something in between. Both versions will compliment your outfit. Pencil heels can be an option for formal occasions such as a graduation, without the pain of wearing a 5-inch skyscraper shoe. A chunky heel is also just as sophisticated and is ideal for semi-formal events like family dinners or your friend’s birthday. 

3. Slingback Kitten Heels 

Slingback shoes are everywhere right now! This retro style is comforting for anyone afraid of wearing sandals without an ankle strap for support. Slingbacks can be whipped on and off within seconds, and often have an adjustable buckle or elasticated band, so your feet don’t feel pressured. 

The kitten-heeled slingback is the perfect summer shoe. It comes in a wide variety of patterns, materials, and colors, so find what works for you. This shoe is a great way to add a pop of color to your look or incorporate a print that adds interest to a monochrome outfit. 

Kitten heels can come in different cuts, from open-toed to rounded. The style of the moment is the pointed variation. It draws the eye down, which elongates your legs, which is especially useful for petite girls. Pointed kitten heels are also ultra-elegant, but can easily be styled with everything from cargo pants to denim cut-offs. You don’t need to reserve your kitten heels solely for dresses.

4. Timeless Ankle Boots

Out of all the styles of boots, the ankle boot is probably the most versatile. It’s not just a winter shoe, it’s great for transitional weather, and they are a lifesaver in the middle of spring showers. The ankle boot suits all heights, including petite and tall. For petite women, they don’t cut the leg in an unflattering place (like calf boots do.)

Rounded boots are timeless and allow space for your toes, which alleviates pressure. Pointed ankle boots look great with the major fashion trend of the moment–wide-leg jeans. They draw the eye down and will flatter your outfit. The only downside is that pointed shoes are not ideal for daily wear, since they can cause bunions and other toe deformities.

Square-toed ankle boots are a good middle ground for anyone that is looking for a stylish yet wearable pair of boots. They allow space for your feet and are a little edgier than their rounded counterparts.

5. Summer Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are a must for summer. They are comfortable and breathable, making it easy to walk around all day. You want to pick a pair that has straps instead of a closed-toe sandal so that your skin can breathe. This will help alleviate foot odor and keep your feet feeling fresh. 

Straps can cut into your feet, so it’s a good idea to wear some bandaids around any sensitive spots, such as the back of your ankle. Alternatively, there are specialized foot band-aids for the prevention of blisters. 

Heeled or Flat Sandals? 

The choice really depends on personal preference and style. For some, the very idea of any type of heel is an absolute no-go. For others, heels are equated with femininity and look good with many outfits, from dresses to jeans. Strappy block heeled sandals are the perfect companion to summer dresses, floaty skirts, and t-shirt dresses. Keeping the heel under 2 inches is ideal for daily wear and maximum comfort.

Flat strappy sandals are perfect for holidays in the sun, walking around outdoors, and wearing to school. They look elegant enough to wear with a variety of outfits, plus they are casual enough to wear with sporty or edgy looks. 

Toe Loop Sandals

One of the latest trends for sandals is an individual strap around the large toe. This Grecian-inspired vibe is subtle yet bohemian. It pairs well with flowing silhouettes or wide-leg trousers. It’s also the ideal style for anyone concerned that their toes pop out the front of their sandals. 

6. Crisp White Sneakers

You simply can’t go wrong with white sneakers! Over the decades, countless sneaker trends have come and gone, from wedged versions to neon styles, but one color that has outlasted every fad is the classic white sneaker. Modern versions such as Converse or Air Force Ones are still relevant and continue to be worn by people from all genres of fashion. 

Sneaker trends do indeed come and go, so if you’re in the market for something timeless, then a classic white sneaker should be in style for years to come. White sneakers are arguably the easiest to style, since they can be worn in any season and easily dressed up with a formal outfit such as a blazer and pants, or they can be dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt for an effortlessly cool look.

White sneakers do require more care than most other shoes for obvious reasons. So it’s worth investing in high-quality cleaning products such as wipes or a brush. Do your research on how best to clean that particular shoe. Many can be hand-washed, whereas for some it may not be possible. 

Sneakers with a bit of a platform sole are not all bad – in fact, this bit of heel can provide cushioning that is perfect for all-day wear. Although the wedge sneaker trend is no longer prominent, many sneakers still have a platform.

A good pair of white sneakers should last a few years if well maintained. However, the sole is likely to become worn down, especially with frequent wear, so consider taking them to a  professional shoe repair company before they become unsalvageable. 

7. Flat Mules

Mules started to make a comeback in recent years, with the style taking over designer runways. It’s no surprise since they are generally easy to walk in and look chic. A mule has a thick strap across it without any ankle straps. It’s a fashionable take on the trendy sliders that were popularised by the athleisure fad. 

Mules can come in heeled and flat versions although flat mules are the ultimate shoe for a busy day. They can be paired with formal outfits, weekend looks, and holiday ensembles. They are also lightweight and easy to pack in your luggage. 

There are simple styles with a block-colored strap, or you can opt for something such as a twist, bow or a trendy quilted design. Select a leather style or suede, depending on what you prefer. Leather or faux leather is easy to clean and maintain. Suede or faux suede requires more upkeep. This material is not waterproof, so you should spray it with a water-resistant spray. 

Woven Mules

Woven styles are dominating right now. This trend is not just for boho lovers–anyone can incorporate woven shoes into their wardrobe. Woven mules, in particular, are subtly glamorous while still being understated enough to wear daily. The level of intricacy can vary, with some containing multiple colors and designs while others are pretty simple.

8. Grandad Sandals 

In the last few years, we have seen the return of all sorts of shoe trends that are classically ugly, yet they prioritize comfort and useability. From the sock sneaker to the grandad sneaker, this fad is not dying down. Instead, it has made its way across to sandals. 

Grandad sandals look great on anyone from teens to 20 somethings. It is an ageless style that is all about feeling good. Grandad sandals typically have straps across the front and ankle, are flat and slightly chunky. They often have buckles too. The best thing about this design is the cushioning in the sole. They are not completely flat, which makes them perfect for walking in for hours. 

Opt for a black pair if you are looking for something that easily coordinates with everything in your closet. That’s the great thing about these sandals – although unconventional, they still go well with different styles of clothing. Throw them on with mom jeans or wear them with shorts. There’s no limit to how you can style them! 

Crocs are making a comeback if you want to take the grandad sandals a bit further then have a look at crocs! This 2000’s invention is back, and it’s here for everyone who wants their feet to feel fabulous. Wearing crocs is the next best thing to walking around in your slippers. The brand has released new colorways, collaborations, and style variations. Find your favorites and rock them this summer.

Birkenstock Sandals

If you want to invest in a grandad style that is more classic and unlikely to go anywhere, then take a look at the classic Birkenstock shoe. With a cork sole, they cushion your feet while the leather straps are adjustable. Birkenstock also does this style with an ankle strap in case you want that extra support. 

This is the ideal shoe for long days in the park and walking around shopping with multiple bags in each hand. The quality of Birkenstock and the fact they are a brand that specializes in this signature style means this is a shoe that is created to withstand time. The sole is contoured to the shape of an average foot, which means, unlike most sandals, it offers support where you will most need it.

9. Classic Brogues For Everyday

Brogues have been around for decades. The humble brogue originates from Scotland and was created using quality leather. The perforated holes were implemented to drain water since they were invented as outdoor shoes. 

Fast forward to today; brogues are still around, but today they are more of a smart indoor shoe, ideal for wearing with smart/casual outfits. They are traditional, but they have remained a staple for good reason. Brogues most commonly come in black and brown leather, both of which go well with the below outfits.

  • Cigarette pants or straight-leg trousers, a blouse, and a blazer for a relaxed yet semi-professional look
  • Incorporate them into an easygoing ensemble by pairing them with flared jeans and a t-shirt
  • Pair your brogues with a knit sweater and wool trousers for the ultimate winter outfit
  • You can also wear brogues in the summer by coordinating them with your midi or mini dress, they can be just as comfortable as sandals, and they are also breathable

Shoe trends come and go, but one thing that has shifted in the last year is that comfort is at the forefront. So don’t feel any pressure to invest in your first pair of heels. Wear what suits your aesthetic and makes you radiate with confidence. 

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