How to Protect Leather Shoes in Rainy Season

Protect Leather Shoes in Rainy Season

Leather is a popular choice of footwear material round the world, and why not? Classic, check, comfortable, check, fashionable, check. Maybe the only drawback to leather shoes is the fact that leather is kind an allergic to water.

This doesn’t mean you can’t don your leather shoes during the rains, it just means you have to find out how to protect your leather shoes during the rainy season, and you can use methods like weatherproofing the shoes, drying the leather shoes, moisturizing the shoes, using cedar shoes trees and using protective waterproof sealants on the shoes.

Let’s dive in and tell you 7 ways that you can protect your leather shoes or boots even in the rainy season.

7 Best Ways to Protect leather Shoes or Boots from Rain

We have given 7 such solutions in this post that everyone can do very easily in their home and can protect their leather shoes, so let’s go and start with the first solution:-

1. Weatherproofing the Shoes

It is a very good idea to weatherproof your leather shoes before they even get wet, and using beeswax is a great way to do this. The procedure is simple; you clean the shoes first, getting rid of any dirt on them, then polish the shoes with the beeswax so it can form a protective layer over your leather shoes.

You might need to repeat the process every 10 days or so, depending on the effectiveness of the weatherproofing.

2. Drying the Leather Shoes

If your leather shoes do get wet, then you’d want to get them dry as soon as possible, and for good reason too; moisture in leather will cause cracks and peeling, and you don’t want that.

Just ensure you allow the shoes to dry at room temperature and not with a dryer or by being exposed to the sun.

3. Moisturizing the Shoes

Even after the moisture has been taken out of the shoes, it is advisable to moisturize them so that cracks won’t show in your shoes, and so the leather fibers can regain its flexibility. Not only this, we have also told you about the best shoes that you can use in the rainy season.

4. Using Cedar Shoe Trees

Using cedar shoe trees serves two purposes for wet leather shoes;

Firstly, it helps to stretch out the shoes and dry it, mostly because it helps in absorbing unwanted moisture from your leather shoes.

Secondly, it helps in odor control, so even if your leather shoes are wet, they won’t smell once they get dried.

5. Using Protective Waterproof Sealants

Leather is skin, and it has skin pores that allow for the absorption of moisture and dirt. The job of waterproof sealants is to close off those pores, such that even if water gets on your shoes, the water basically just runs off it, just like rubber.

To use waterproof sealants, you have first clean off the shoe, ensuring that no dirt remains on the shoes. You do not want to dirt in the fibres of your leather shoes.

After the shoes cleaned, then you can spray the shoes with the sealants, making sure to not leave any area out, especially the upper that stretches and folds as you walk. The result is a shield on your shoes that assures you that no moisture will get into your shoes.

6. Cure Your Shoes from Fungus during Rainy Season

During the rainy season, your shoes get spoiled and the main reason behind this is a fungus. If your shoes have become a victim of fungus during the rainy season, you do not need to throw them away, rather you need to treat them as the shoes often become a victim of fungus during the rainy season.

We have told you in this post how to cure shoes of fungus, through which you can remove fungus from your shoes only by home remedies, so cure them in the way we have described and in the rainy season your shoes from being a victim of fungus.

7. Polishing Your Shoes Regularly

Polishing your shoes regularly not only protects them from moisture but also helps a lot in maintaining the quality of the shoes. Also, your shoes will always shine when you apply polish regularly. You can use good polish for your leather shoes, which you can buy from Amazon.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Leather shoes can definitely be used during the rainy season, provided you’ve taken the necessary precautions. If you want, you can also attach a rubber sole to any of your leather shoes that don’t have one, further reinforcing the shoes.

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