Red Wing Beckman Vs. Blacksmith – Which Boot is Better to Get?

When it comes to high-quality boots manufactured in the United States, Red Wing Heritage is one of the first companies that comes to mind. Since the company’s inception in 1905, Red Wing Heritage has produced millions of boots to consumers all over the world.

Among the company’s best-sellers are two major welted boots found on the market today. Trademarked Beckman and Blacksmith, these versatile boots are both good quality and many people get stuck while making a decision on which to buy.

But today we will tell you the best comparison between Red Wing Beckman Vs. Blacksmith Boots so that you can make the right decision about which boot you should buy.

The Beckman boots are made exclusively from Red Wing’s Cigar Featherstone leather. This boot has a round toe style with a polished finishing that endears anyone who glances upon it. On the other hand, the Blacksmith boot has a rugged feel to it.

It Looks typically like a shoe a blacksmith would wear (hence the name) with strong soles that will live on even after the rest of your wardrobe is gone. Both shoes are strong, comfortable and beautiful so it is not surprising to be confused as to which to buy. Although they both have great quality, there are differences in their style, materials, and construction. This article outlines in detail comparison between these boots.

Red Wing Beckman Vs Blacksmith: Style Comparison

Although the Beckman and the Blacksmiths boots are both made by the same company and they have many similarities, the major difference between them is in their style. If you are looking to get a durable boot for work then the blacksmith boot is for you.

It has tough leather with non-slip soles suitable for getting around a workshop. However, if you are interested in a boot for day-by-day commuting, then the Beckman boot is more suitable. It has a more refined finish with polished leather and non-slip soles suitable for everyday moving around.

Red Wing Beckman Vs. Blacksmith
Red Wing Beckman Vs. Blacksmith

The Upper Leather Comparison

The uppers used on the Blacksmith and the Beckman is another thing that differentiates them. The uppers on the Blacksmith is an oil-tanned smooth-finished leather made of a tough oil-tanned Copper Rough leather. The oil-tanned leather used for the Blacksmith is water, perspiration, and stain-resistant. This means that it cannot be discolored or damaged by water. This is the reason why people often say that a Red Wing boot may outlive its owner. Of course, the overall appearance of the boot is more natural because there is minimal processing.

With continued usage, the blacksmith boots develop a patina (a worn-in look that genuine leather materials develop after several uses). This means that with age, the blacksmith boots look better. Of course, oil-tanned leather cannot be polished but that’s not a disadvantage because the trademark of the Blacksmith Boots is rough. This also means that blacksmith boots cannot be worn as dress boots.

On the other hand, the Beckman boots is an ideal dress boot with a polished finish. The boot is made with an S.B. Foot Tanning Co. Smooth Finished leather and doesn’t have that rugged oil-tanned look of the Blacksmith boot but its durability nonetheless. The finishing of the Beckman boot is glossier and can be polished and cleaned. Also, unlike the Blacksmith boot, the Beckman boot is likely to soften over time with continued use.

Red Wing Beckman Vs Blacksmith: The Outsole Comparison

Outsoles are very important when considering what shoes to buy. Of course, the Beckman and Blacksmith boots have different outsoles tailored to fit each of the boots. The Beckman boot has a strong leather sole. On the heel and forepart of the boot, Vibram Roccia rubber is attached. The Vibram Roccia is popular in the outsole of many popular shoe brands such as timberland and Merrell Wilderness.

The strength of the outsole makes it ideal for making a strong boot like the Beckman. The outsole is great for shock absorption which makes it very comfortable and it contains deep lugs which help to lug for traction. If you are considering buying either the Beckman or the Blacksmith boot for winter, then the Beckman wins this round.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Blacksmith boot is not unique on its own. It features a Vibram 430 Mini-Lug outsole which is both rugged and durable. It complements the upper of the boots well giving it that work-wear feel that you are going for. The Vibram mini-lug has small lugs in the middle to allow for traction. As it is made from nitrile cork, it is anti-slip and may be worn in the rain. However, nitrile outsoles normally do not do well in the snow.

Construction Comparison between Beckman and Blacksmith

When it comes to how they are made, the Beckman and the Blacksmith have many similarities. The boots are constructed using a Goodyear Welt construction method which allows the boots to be resoled or repaired as they wear out. They can be recrafted and made to look like new. Of course, this means that you can have a pair for years and repair it when the soles look worn out and continue using it.

In the end, you save money that would have otherwise been spent buying a new pair every time he sole wears off. After each repair, you get to use the boots for a good number of years before they need to be repaired again.

One of the major issues faced with the sole repair for many is the fact that the shoe does not have the same fit after a repair. Red Wing solved this problem by constructing all their boots, Beckman and Blacksmith inclusive with a specific type of 3-D mold known as the 8 last.

While the major differences between the Red Wing Beckman and Blacksmith boots are majorly in their soles, upper, and styles, they are pretty much constructed the same way. The fit of the two boots is also similar.

Detailed Comparison of Red Wing Beckman Vs Blacksmith

Red Wing Beckman Blacksmith
Upper Material Smooth-Finished Leather Oil-Tanned Leather
Outsoles Material Vibram Roccia Vibram 430 Mini-lug
Insole Material Leather Leather
Boot Style Polished, Casual & Dress Rugged, Casual
Recraftable Yes Yes
Price Latest Price on Amazon Latest Price on Amazon

The Final Verdict You Should Take

While it is impossible to choose between these two as they are both great, high-quality boots, your choice and preference will depend on the style and functionality you need the boot for.

Buy the Red Wing Beckman if you want a shoe that is comfortable, stylish, and can be used for everyday commutes. The polished finishing makes it versatile and it can be worn for almost any occasion. The Roccia outsoles on the Beckman boots also make it ideal for all-around wear as they will do well in all weather, snow, or rain.

Buy the Red Wing Blacksmith if you want a classy but work-worthy shoe that looks better with age. They can be worn for light work and also as casual wear. It does well in wet conditions and can be worn when the ground is wet. The Blacksmith boots are masculine and stylish.

Hopefully, this comparison between Red Wing Heritage’s Beckman and Blacksmith boots will help you make a final decision on which of the boots to buy.

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