Are Sandals Good for Your Feet and Posture?

Are Sandals Good for Your Feet

Are sandals good for your feet and posture? That is the question I am going to be answering today. In this article, you will find out the detailed answer that sandals are good for your feet or not, and if they are not good for your posture then what will be the best option for you.

Are Sandals Good for Your Feet? Sandals are a type of shoe that is open-toed, which means it allows your feet to breathe, and not be cramped up, like in a tennis shoe. That is one of the many reasons why sandals are good for your feet.

Sandals with the straps that go in between your toes help stabilize the on the footbed and the whole ankle. This invention gets rid of any extra motion of your foot, which helps prevent overuse injuries/inflammation of the foot, ankle, and knee.

The type of sandals that are best for your feet is the Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed sandal. These sandals can be bought at a variety of stores because they are very popular. These sandals come in many different colors. The design of these sandals are two leather straps to slip on over top of your foot, and the soles are a light brown color. These sandals have indentations where your feet should rest on, allowing full comfort, and letting your feet slip on and off with ease.

Another good brand for sandals that are great for your feet is the Vionic Keomi Sandal. These sandals look like a fancier version of the Arizona soft footbed sandal. They have three straps designed to go on top of the foot, and then one strap going around the back of your heel, ensuring that your foot will not accidentally slip out of the shoe.

One last good brand of sandals is the NAOT footwear, Kayla. These sandals are extremely similar to the Vionic Keomi sandal. The design of these shoes are three straps over the top of your foot, and then another strap in the back holding your foot in place.

The only major difference between this shoe and the Vionic Keomi sandals is that the NAOT footwear Kayla has a higher heel in the back, but they still have a wedge-like design. Also, the soles of these sandals are more like the Arizona Birkenstocks rather than the Vionic Footwear Keomi. So overall, yes, sandals are good for your feet.

Are Sandals Good for Your Posture?

No, most sandals are not good for your posture, unless they are designed to be good for your posture. The reason why sandals cause back pain and affect your posture is that most flip flops are flat, so they don’t bend the way your feet bend and move when in tennis shoes.

If you choose one of our best sandals for flat feet, then you will reduce the risk of posture, but still, sandals can enhance your personality but they are not good for your posture.

Are Sandals Bad for Your Posture

Also, they don’t provide as much cushioning as tennis shoes do, which can cause pain in your ankles, and that can slowly spread up to your back. Because flip flops are flat, it alters the biomechanics and affects your posture. Also, away from the subject of posture, sandals are also open-toed, which gives you a greater chance of dropping something on your toes, stubbing your toes, cutting your feet, of having a heavy object crush your foot.

Your sandals are open-toed, so you have a greater chance of breaking a foot bone rather than if you wearing tennis shoes or boots. So overall, no, sandals are not good for your posture. Some sandals are better for your posture than others though.

For example, flip flops are probably the worst type of sandals to wear because of all the reasons that are stated above. So our suggestion to you is that you use sandals only for party events or sometimes for fashion because using it regularly can be a danger for your posture.

The best types of sandals (for your posture) are probable wedge sandals because it gives you an easier way to stand up straight, instead of leaning forward or leaning back. Also, wedge sandals come with really nice, padded soles most of the time, which can also reduce pain from wearing the sandals too much.

And if you manage to reduce pain from wearing sandals in your feet, then you have a way higher chance of eliminating any back pain, aches, or problems in the future.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

In conclusion, most types of sandals are good for your feet, and there are certain brands of sandals that are the best of the best. Most sandals are not good for your posture, except for the sandals that are either super padded or wedges. (Or both!)

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