How to Wear a Walking Boot with Pants

How do you wear a walking boot with pants

Is it possible to be stylish while wearing a walking boot? Yes, it is very possible. The period of recovery from a surgery can be difficult. Not being able to use a part of your body the way you used to is tough to adjust to, but the truth is that you can.

How do you wear a walking boot with pants? There are different kinds of pants that can fit perfectly with your walking boots. Whether you want to tuck the pants in your boot or let the pants cover your boots, we have a long list of suggestions for you on what pants you can wear.

Ready to see? Let’s go!

What Factors to Consider in Choosing Pants for Your Walking Boots

Despite the difficulties that accompany post-surgery, with a walking boot, you can feel better. You’ll be able to take graceful steps without fear of straining your feet muscles or tendon.

You don’t have to miss hangouts with your friends because you’re not sure how to wear pants with your walking boots. In fact, you can stay comfortable and look stylish at the same time if you pick out the right pants.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing pants for your walking boots. Let’s see them:-

  • The Season: The season of the year is crucial to deciding what kind of pants to wear. You’ll need to choose lighter fabrics in summer and this keeps ones in winter. Keep this in mind when picking your pants.
  • Your Style: You might have to take a little digression from your regular style of dressing because of your walking shoes. But not to worry, it’s only for a while and you don’t have to deviate so much. What you can keep intact is if you like dressing simple, or a bit more on the sophisticated level.
  • The Occasion: What’s the occasion? A party? A school function or a movie date? Whatever it is, you must choose the right kind of pants.
  • Your Comfort: This is very important. Your comfort must come first when choosing pants that can match your walking boots. Ensure you don’t wear ill-fitted pants or ones with uncomfortable fabrics.
  • The Top You Wear: Your top will go a long way to determine what pants you pick. Match small, light tops with leggings or high waist pants and long-sleeved tops with a classic boyfriend pant.

Pants that Match Well with Walking Boots

Keeping all those factors in mind, let’s now consider the pants that can match your walking boots without hindering your comfort nor style.

There are two ways you can wear a walking boot with pants:-

1. Wear to Cover the Walking Boots

Your first choice is most likely to go for pants that cover your boot, right? There’s nothing wrong with wanting that. Following is a list of such pants. You can use them as the occasion, season, and your top or blouse permits.

Boot-cut pants: As the name says, boot-cut pants are cut for your boot. They run straight from the waist down and flare slightly at the ankle. They can cover your boots with their flares and still keep you looking great. They’re best matched with smart tops that can be tucked into the trousers.

Wide-leg pants: Wide-leg pants are graduation from boot-cut pants. They’re often made with soft, wrinkle-free fabric and are usually loose. These pants are comfortable for you and will help you cover your boots. They’re also great for casual occasions and are best matched with tank tops and off-shoulder blouses.

Sailor pants: Sailor pants are stunning if worn the right way. They are only tight at your waist. One past the waist, sailor pants flare out all the way down. They can be full length or shorter, depending on how you want them. They have flaps with buttons at their front.

Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits give you your pants and your top in one place. They’re also comfortable and will help cover your boots if you want. Jumpsuits are a complete piece of clothing, so you don’t need to match them with tops. You can wear them any way you want because they’re amazingly versatile and fit for almost any occasion.

Harem pants: Harem pants were inspired by the style of the Middle East. They’re loose-fitting silky materials that are baggy and long. Check out the different kinds of designs for harem pants and choose what’s best for you. It’s best to match harem pants with bright colors or even designer tops.

Let’s now see the pants that you can wear if your goal is not to cover your boots.

2. Wear Pants that Expose the Walking Boots

If what you’re opting for is a pair of pants that can be tucked into your boots, we also have you covered on those. Take a look at the list.

Long, Straight Pants: Long, straight and skinny pants are usually well-fitted. They’ll hang firmly to your skin enough to let you tuck them into your boots. These pants can be matched with a large range of blouses. You should consider getting them to aid your dressing at this period.

Boyfriend Pants: Boyfriend pants are relaxed jeans. Although not baggy, they fit without hugging your body and will stop just before your ankle. This makes the right choice for you to match with your walking boots.

Three-Quater Pants: Another option is three-quarter pants. They’re also called Capri pants, longer than shorts but not as long as a full trouser. They’re cropped and mid-calf length. You should be cautious with this one though, they’re only best for warm weather.

Sweat pants: Sweat pants are the best go-to when you’re going on a relaxed outing, to the gym, or to a physiotherapy session. They’re very comfortable and can be tucked into your boots too.

Leggings: Oh, we all love leggings. They’re tightly fitting but decent kinds of pants that you can confidently wear with your walking boots. Add a nice shirt or fitted blouse to them and you’re all set.

Best Shoes to Wear with Walking Boot

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Stay Comfortable and Classy

In this period of recovery, you can still look as trendy as you want to be. With your walking boots, all you have to do is pick out the right pants for you. Feel free to use our collection to arrange your wardrobe. Cheers to your speedy recovery.

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